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Toronto M6G 3A7 Car LoansAuto Loan Company helps people in Ontario Canada get car loans with bad credit, poor credit, bankruptcy, good credit, consumer proposal, vehicle repossession and no money down options, all based on their credit.

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What’s the interest rate?

Interest rates on auto loans are based many factors such as your credit and vehicle selection which will be discussed in detail by a Special Finance Advisor after you’ve applied online.

Interest rate ranges from 4.99% to 29.9%, with many falling around 8.99%. The goal is to get you a car now in order to help build your credit and the interest rate approved. Then after making your payments on time, you can refinance or exchange your existing vehicle for a much lower rate.

People with very good credit looking for a new car loan may qualify for 0% financing up to a certain period. We special in working with people with very bad credit and therefore, 0% vehicle loan interest rate is not people for someone with very bad credit. However, a common and more realistic interest rate on an auto loan for someone with bad credit ranges from 6% an up to 29.9%. With the interest rate being between 6% and 15% based on credit and vehicle selection.

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Bad Credit Auto Loans in Ontario Canada

We service all areas of Ontario Canada, however, we are based in Ontario as we want our website visitors to feel comfortable in knowing they can visit one of our dealership partners at any time, and that they are actually dealing with people who live within their area.

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* 100% approved auto loans based on credit, provable income and the select dealership requirements.